Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life Lesson 25437

If you take your car to the panelbeater because taxi drivers think they don't have to stop at red lights, you need to remember not only to leave the key to your car and the remote key for the alarm, but you will also need to leave the alarm master key - so that when they disconnect your battery so they don't fry the electronics the alarm won't keep going off and driving them nuts.

It also means you won't get a very terse phone call from the panelbeater telling you to get down there with the alarm key ASAP! This is after he has already rung and you've told him the alarm key is in the glove box. Apparently the silver thingy in the glove box is not the alarm key, it is what you use to take the wheels off. (Well I was nearly right, they are both silver after all!)