Monday, February 13, 2006

Life's Lesson No 25433

How Not To Buy a Birthday Present!

When you buy your daughter a 2 seater bean bag for her birthday it pays to think about how you are going to get it home. In case you want to know, a 2 seater bean bag does not fit in the boot of a Nissan Bluebird, nor does it fit in the back seat. It may also be beneficial to know that when you are huffing and puffing and trying to squeeze the bean bag in the back seat, oil from the door catch will rub off onto the bean bag, necessitating spending an hour that night with the "Frend" stain remover to get rid of said oil stains.

It also pays to make sure your husband takes his cell phone with him that day, otherwise you end up having to ring your daughter at work to come and rescue you!! Oh, and it also pays to make sure your own cell phone is charged so you are not left wondering if your daughter heard all your instructions before the battery went flat!

Another good thing to remember is your sunnies!! They are very helpful when you are standing on the footpath in Colombo Street, trying to pretend that is perfectly normal to have a bean bag hanging out of the boot of your car, and that everybody who buys a bean bag always leans against the car so their daughter can spot them as they come to the rescue in the boss's car with the big boot!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

More than one catch at Elaine Bay

Beautiful weather, spectacular scenery, a calm sea, the fish biting - my idea of a perfect holiday!
Its ages since I had done any fishing, but with just a good old fashioned land line on both days we managed to catch our legal quota of blue cod in just under an hour at Elaine Bay in Pelorous Sounds.

6 months ago Hugh and Jane invited us to spend some time up there with them. I only needed to be asked once!! Saturday night Hugh told Nath and Kirsty they were on dishes. I've never had the dishes whipped away from me so quickly!! After they did the dishes Nath said he and Kirsty were going for a walk. I suggested Alastair might like to go with them to which I got a very definite NO!

Half an hour late Kirsty is bursting back into the room skipping and giggling. I think it took Jane and I at least 1 second to spot the ring on her finger!

Alastair then produced some grape juice and a cake which Nath had organized for Alastair to bring up when he arrived Friday night.

A very special time and a very special holiday.

They are planning on being married end of November.