Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm back!!!!

I didn't intentionally stop blogging - It's just been one of those extra busy times in my life. And so now the computer is free and I have some spare time.

I am back at Bible College this year and loving it. There is so much to think about and process! I'm still getting my head round double listening, and heaps of other stuff I am learning in class.

I have also learnt that going to Bible College does NOT automatically make you this person with all the fruits of the spirit shining through for all the world to see - in other words being in a place full of christians does NOT mean I will NOT need to be asking myself the question "Where is your long suffering, patience, gentleness, self control etc?"

I keep having these "light being switched on" moments at Bible College. Sometimes you can know something for a long time and that is all it is - just knowledge and then something happens and it becomes more than knowledge, it becomes a life changing and life challenging theology that makes you think and reshape what you thought about things.

Like realising that in John 3:16 when Jesus said "For God so loved the world... the world actually means "Cosmos" which is all of God's creation - the earth - as well as people.

So, what does that mean for me? If I am made in the image of God who loves the world, then what are my responsibilities as part of loving the cosmos - all of a sudden looking after the earth, especially where I live seems much more important in the light of this revelation - who knows? I could well be on the way to becoming a "greenie".