Saturday, September 16, 2006

What is prayer?

I heard an announcer the other day ask people to ring in and share answers to prayer and it got me thinking - why are they the only sorts of prayer that should be shared?

Doesn't it give people a wrong perception that conversations with God are only to be on a needs basis?

Some of the most significant moments in my christian journey have been the "Be still and know that I am God" type prayer times.

There have been other times when it hits me anew some aspect of God's grace and great love for me and then my prayers can only be full of thanks, wonder awe and praise.

I also like praying just talking to God, sharing stuff with Him, hopes and dreams and disappointments.

There are also times when I definitely do ask for Him to act - but that is only a part of my prayer life and I hope that I never accidentally imply to anyone that prayer requests are all that there is to praying.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Things you need to know

I feel the need to put everyone straight about what happened at Koru on Friday night.

1. I did not get lost - the detour was intentional. We were just filling in time so we didn't have to wait too long for the rest of the cars to arrive.

2. I am a very skilled driver - that is why I could back right up to the barrier and have only a 5 cm gap between the Terrano and the post. Really, I just don't see why Stephen turned white and yelled at me and Jess very quietly said from the back seat "You might want to stop".

3. My husband will let me use his car again.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cell phones

There has been heaps of texting going on at the Sunday night services - most of it legit as part of Digestion.

It struck me as I was watching those who are just slightly younger than me how much I haven't yet discovered of what my cell phone can do and what all the features on it mean. I have skipped over the technical bits and the bits I don't understand I have not asked for help with. Although I have been aware of others making better use of their phone I have been content to stay with the knowledge I have and not try to learn more.

I bought a cell phone because I wanted to keep in contact with my kids and make it easy to send and receive messages from them (when I remember to check) and so that is all I have used it for and yet it is capable of so much more.

It seemed to me that it is a bit like what God was saying to me last year . That to be content to be in the same place in my christian faith was to be missing out on so much that could be of benefit to me. That it was necessary to ask for help and to learn from those who have the knowledge (i.e. Bible College) and that by doing so I would be opening myself up to so much more.