Monday, January 22, 2007

A grandmother's words

Was cleaning out a lot of old papers the other day and came across the letter written by my grandmother who was living in Shetland at the time.

...I didn't know you had a boyfriend until I got the snap with you and Lyn (my sister) dressed up going to the Methodist Ball. I hope there's nothing serious between you and Alastair yet. I sincerely hope you will not be thinking of marriage, Annette, for a long time yet. Just be good friends, and its nice to have a partner for any functions you are going to. So many youngsters get married now-a-days before they've had a chance to mix with the opposite sex. Soon they are quarrelling and the next thing is divorce. So please, Annette, wait for a few years yet....

Well Granny, I have to say you were wrong - I married Alastair 2 years later, we're still together 30 years later and we're not heading for divorce - although I can't say we've never quarrelled.

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