Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where am I in the scene?

As the scripture about the children being brought to Jesus and the disciples rebuking those who had brought them was being read in church on Sunday I suddenly had a very vivid scene of this in my mind - almost like a page from a children's Bible Story book.

I am looking at the scene and there is this insistent question that keeps being asked of me "Which one are you?" I look at each part of the scene and I wonder:-

Am I one of those who are bringing "little children" to Christ to be prayed for and His hand placed on them?

Am I one of those "little children" who are brought to Christ by others to be prayed for and His hand placed on me?

Am I one of those "disciples" who rank people and categorize and rebuke those who love and nurture and want the "little children" to be blessed and know the hand of Christ on their life?

Am I the voice and hands of Jesus praying and touching the lives of "little children"?

Or am I one of the crowd who stands by and does nothing as the "little children" and those who love them and care for them are being held back from having the opportunity to get up close with Christ?

It is a question that I will ponder on for a long time.

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